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How to Fine Tune Your Actor Brand

Here at 3-2-1- Acting Studios in Los Angeles, we think that being in acting class is GREAT, and necessary; we also know how important it is to focus on your actor brand and business strategy!  Working on your actor brand can be a very fun and exploratory process, and you actor brand will continue to evolve. Here are some tips regarding how to fine tune your actor brand:

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List the qualities that make you unique
This is a very fun and empowering thing to do.  Grab a pen, and a notebook, and start listing all of the unique qualities that make you YOU.  Do you have a knack for comedy and telling jokes? Are you into books, and reading, and learning?  Are you adventurous? Artsy? Creative? Outgoing? Insightful? Sporty? Do you love rock music? Do you love being around children?  Write a long list of your traits and qualities.

Even if you think something seems silly and unimportant, write it down.  Through the process of writing down traits and qualities, you may actually stumble upon a few new special skills to add to your resume.  You will also gain a greater appreciation for who you are.

Review your bookings
This may take some time, if you haven’t gone through this process before, but it will be worth it!  Hopefully, you have a log of all of your auditions, callbacks, and bookings. If you don’t, I recommend starting one!

First, take some time to inventory every role you’ve booked in the past year or two.  If you have the actual descriptions from the original role breakdowns, write those down as well.

Take note of common adjectives.  For example, does the word “mysterious” come up several times?  Or do you see words like “sunny” and “cheerful”? Notice any trends.  For example, have you played a teacher 4 times in the past 2 years? Also take note of the age ranges of the characters you’ve played.

After you look through your bookings, you can also look at any roles you were called back for, and look for patterns among those.  Make a list of trending descriptive words and occupation words. Write down the most common age ranges.

Talk to your friends
Now that you’ve surveyed yourself, and your bookings, you can survey your friends in order to fine tune your actor brand.  Take time to come up with a few questions to ask your friends, and a streamlined way to ask.

For example, you could create an online survey (you can use Google Forms for this), in which you ask people to, for example, list the first 5 adjectives that come to mind when they think of you, and the top 5 professions that could imagine you playing on television.  You could also ask questions regarding which television shows that would imagine seeing you on. You can also ask for what age range they feel you appear to be.

Send around questions to your friends, and start compiling data.  Notice, again, any trending descriptive words.

Talk to acquaintances and strangers.
This may feel a bit awkward, but this is some of the most valuable information you can gather.  The thing about your friends is that they all know you very well. They could have specific ideas about you, based on the context in which they met you.  But the acquaintances and strangers in your life are much more likely to view you in a way that a casting director, or new business acquaintance, would. They don’t know you, or how old you are, or whether or not you went to college, or what you like doing in your free time.  They can only draw conclusions based on your outward appearance, your energy, and your voice. Basically, your first impression!

Most people will be flattered that you asked.  You can just say you are doing an exercise for a class or project, in which you have to gather information from friendly strangers.  Then, ask them the questions (adjectives, professions, age range), and write down the answers. You will probably learn something new about yourself, and about the way the world sees you.

Combine your information, and create materials to match!
Now, you have all of your information.  You have lists of adjectives that describe you.  You have lists of occupations that you could play.  You have an age range. Obviously, you can’t take every piece of data into account. But you can notice general trends.  If 18 people told you you are hilarious, and you don’t have a comedic looking headshot, it’s probably time to get one. If a dozen others said you could play a CEO, and you don’t have a photo of you in a business suit, you know what to do!

We at 3-2-1- Acting School in Los Angeles wish you much success as you fine tune your actor brand, and we hope to see you in class soon!


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