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Voiceover Resources for Actors

Here at 3-2-1- Acting studios in Los Angeles, we focus on on-camera acting classes for kids, teens, and young adults, but at the same time, we encourage our students to pursue all sorts of opportunities — and especially voiceover work.  While we can certainly apply the foundational acting techniques that we learn in our on-camera and theatre classes to voice acting, there are specific techniques that actors should learn if they would like to focus on voice acting careers.  Here are some great voiceover resources for actors:

Take an Online Voiceover Class

Much like our popular This Way to Hollywood: 10 Lessons To Great Film Acting Class, there are some great online voiceover resources for actors that teacher actors how they can get started as voice actors.  Vo2gogo.com offers a Getting Started in Voiceover Class that teaches the foundational building blocks of creating a voiceover career.  Carrie Olson also teachers a Voiceover Success Intensive, an online monthly membership training program, that also arms students with resources and information necessary to building a voiceover career.  Both of these courses educate actors about the performance and technical/business aspects of doing voiceover work.


Listen to Podcasts about Voiceover

Another great voiceover resource for actors: podcasts!  As actors, and especially as voice actors, listening in itself is a fantastic skill.  There are some informative podcasts out there that give fantastic tips to actors wishing to break into voiceover.  Check out Crispin Freeman’s Voice Acting Mastery, as well as the podcast Six Figure Voice for starters! As you do your own research, you will discover even more great voiceover resources for actors.

Sign Up for Casting Websites

Once you have some training, and some fantastic vocal demos, you’ll want to make sure you are registered with casting websites.  In addition to the basic casting websites that you use for all of your acting work — namely Actors Access and LA Casting, both of which do sometimes have voiceover opportunities — there are some websites, such as Voice123.com that are designed specifically for voiceover castings.  Also, ACX.com is a good website to check out, for people who are looking to record audiobooks.

Remember: The Microphone Doesn’t Lie

You may have heard the saying “the camera doesn’t lie” — meaning having top-notch acting training is essential for on-camera actors.  The camera picks up all of the subtle nuances of behavior, allowing audiences to SEE, in high definition, your authentic portrayal of a character.  The same goes for the voiceover microphone.  Voice acting requires just as much acting training as the on camera acting does.  When you are on camera, in addition to your voice, you are communicating with your facial expression and your body language.  When you are recording, you just have…your voice!  So be sure to invest in yourself and in your acting training if you want to take your voiceover journey seriously.  

We hope these voiceover resources for actors have been helpful! If you have any questions at all, don’t hesitate to get in touch.  We at 3-2-1- Acting School in Los Angeles are here for you as you build your successful career as an actor!


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