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What is acting?

What is Acting?

Have you ever watched a show and wondered what made the performance you just watched so amazing? How did the actor create such a realistic and natural performance?  Here at 3-2-1 Acting Studios we constantly say how important it is for an actor to be realistic.  Below are 5 ways to get to the heart of your acting:

  • Communicating feelings and ideas to an audience

It’s important for your audience to understand what you are feeling.  They need to feel what you are feeling.  Know how to use your body and voice to communicate.  Acting is never just what you are saying. You might be saying one thing, but mean something else.  It’s important for your body, and voice to be able to show that conflict to your audience.

  • Recreating reality

Reality! It’s so important for your audience to be completely immersed in the world you’re creating. Even when you’re acting in world that’s completely make believe, you have to make us believe its real.  Because for your character it is completely real!  This is where your imagination gets to play.  So create your characters world and how you would live in it. Make it real!

  • Learning about the human condition

So you want to be an actor?  That starts with knowing what humans go through. We’re all born, we all grow, and eventually we all pass on.  The key to acting is figuring out what your character does in the mean time. What kind of family life does your character have? Where did they grow up? Do they eat all their vegetables? What makes your character unique?

  • Knowing about our fears, joys and the human heart

Oooohhh. This one is important. What are you afraid of?  For me, it’s spiders, for you it might be heights.  Knowing this can help you in a scene even if it’s not written in.  It adds to the depth of the character. What makes you happy?  What makes you sad? These are good to know.  The audience sees everything! So even a simple movement to avoid a spider that accidentally wondered on set can make a scene.  It’s all about creating reality.


  • An art, a craft with it’s own tools for learning

Acting is an art! It takes a lot of practice and you can never learn enough.  Not to mention there are certain things you have to know if you’re going to be on set. Acting is an art, but it’s also a business. You have to know both sides if you want to keep working.  Professionalism cannot be stressed enough! To truly be successful you have to know how a set works and what will be expected of you.  3-2-1 Acting Studios will teach you everything you need to know to be successful in the entertainment business.  If you are serious about having a career in acting, you need to be in an acting class.  So why not be in one that is proven to work?


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