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How to boost your acting career in 2017

Happy New Year to you!  With the new year always comes enthusiasm and fresh energy, especially when it comes to our careers.  It is important for you to harness this moment, and take some powerful action steps to move your career forward.  At 3-2-1- Acting School in Los Angeles, we recommend the following 5 tips on how to boost your acting career in 2017:


1. Get fresh headshots.

If you are wondering how to really boost your acting career, you always want to pay close attention to your headshots and how they are working.  Do they look like you?  Are you getting called in for auditions?  Are you getting called in for auditions that are right for your age and type? If the answer is NO to any of these questions, then you want to consider getting new headshots. For information about headshot photographers in your area, ask your agent or manager.  If you don’t have representation, do your research! Look at photos of actor friends on Facebook and online.  Find out who shot the photos that stand out to you, and get in touch with those photographers!  For more information about how to take great headshots, check out our recent article on the topic.  You can also research photographers on the Backstage Actors’ Yellow Pages.

2. Sign up for a new acting class.

Joining a great acting class can be a perfect way to boost your acting career in 2017.  Just like a professional athlete trains at the gym, you should always be training as an actor…in class!  Finding the right acting teacher for you is such a personal process.  You can always ask friends for referrals, of course, but you really won’t know if someone is the right fit for you until you actually audit a class and get to know a teacher.  For more information on how to find the best acting class for you, check out this article.

Want to study acting from the comfort of your own home? Check out our fabulous online acting class, taught by seasoned professional actor and teacher John Walcutt.

3. Stretch outside of your comfort zone.

As actors, we must always be willing to take risks in the audition room, on set, and on stage (note: we are talking about the kind of risk that stretches you creatively, artistically, and emotionally – not the type of risk that would put you in any sort of danger).  As such, we must be willing to stretch outside of our comfort zones in our day-to-day lives!  So, if you are really wondering how to boost your acting career, even though it might sound like it’s not directly related to developing your acting talents, we suggest taking up an activity or hobby that pushes you beyond your comfort zone and normal routine.  Not much of an athlete?  Take up a new sport, such as golf or basketball.  Overwhelmed by the idea of writing?  Write a story or screenplay.  Never considered yourself a musician? Start taking piano lessons.  The more you stretch and grow yourself as a person, the richer your acting work will become! For more inspiration on taking risks, check out this article.


4. Take care of yourself

This is arguably the most important thing you can do as an actor.  Your health is so important.  You must take care of yourself by getting adequate rest, eating healthy foods, and engaging in regular physical activity/movement.  This might seem obvious, but it really is easy for us to forget to take care of ourselves when life gets busy.  Prioritize wellness, and create time for yourself.  As an actor, you must be able to work long hours on set and stay alert and energized.  Also, a really exciting thing about being an actor is that it’s a job you can do…basically for your entire life, if you choose to. So, set yourself up for a long and healthy career by treating yourself right.

5. Attitude of gratitude

Before 2017 begins, take a moment to write down all of the people and things in your life that you are grateful for, and why.  Really if you are wondering how to boost your acting career, or any part of your life, the most important thing you can do is appreciate what you already have.  Take an afternoon to send out some thoughtful, handwritten thank you notes to your parents, friends, teachers, mentors, agent, manager, and anyone else who supports you personally and professionally.  You’ll immediately feel great, and when you feel great, you attract great opportunities!

We at 3-2-1 Acting School in Los Angeles wish you all the best as you leap into 2017!


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