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Service opportunities for actors

As a professional actor, you have the opportunity to earn good money doing what you love.  You are a trained professional storyteller!  You provide an immense service to the world by sharing your gifts and talents on stage and on screen.   There are also so many creative ways that you can volunteer your acting talents and be of service to your community.  Between auditions and bookings, why not spend some time contributing to the world through a bit of service work? At 3-2-1- Acting School in Los Angeles, we encourage our acting students to be connected to the world through volunteer opportunities.  Here are some awesome service opportunities for actors that we highly recommend:

reading to child


  1. Volunteer with Reading to Kids

This one is great fun – and is a natural fit for all actors!  In short, through the Los Angeles-based grassroots organization Reading to Kids, you meet with underserved children once a month…and read them fun stories!  You use your natural storytelling skills to educate, entertain, and delight small groups of adorable children. The more animated you are, the better!  For more information, visit: readingtokids.org.

  1. Perform or Mentor with Young Storytellers

Through Young Storytellers, a non-profit organization currently based in Los Angeles and New York, you can either volunteer as a one-on-one writing mentor or as a performer/actor.  Mentors are each paired with fifth grade students, and, over the course of 8 weeks, they mentor the students in the development of 5 page screenplays.  At the end of the 8 weeks, each school puts on an infamous Young Storytellers “Big Show,” in which professional actors perform each of the kids’ short screenplays, script-in-hand – with about 5 minutes of prep time!  For actors, this is a great way to hone those cold reading and improv skills…and to have a blast on stage!  Both mentoring and performing for Young Storytellers have proven to be life-changing and rewarding experiences for actors. For more information, visit: youngstorytellers.com.

  1. Mentor a Child

Perhaps you don’t live in LA or New York but would still like to work with kids.  Try reaching out to schools, after school programs, day care programs, clubs, churches, and shelters in your area to find out about mentorship opportunities. As an actor, you naturally have strong communication skills and a big imagination.  You are naturally able to connect with young children and make a difference in their lives.  So find a special way to be of service to a child in your community!

  1. Help to Train Medical and Law Enforcement Professionals

Not only is this type of work invaluable to our society, but it is actually usually paid.  As an actor, you can become an integral part of job trainings for medical and law enforcement professionals.  You can be hired to play the part of a medical patient, assisting nurses and doctors in developing their communication skills and diagnosing abilities.  You can also play the part of a crime victim, opposite a police officer or detective in training.  Your ability to provide authentic experiences — and pointed feedback — to these professionals will shape their careers and contribute to the safety and well-being of hundreds (if not thousands) of individuals.

Head and shoulders portrait of a friendly law enforcement officer in his early 50s. His younger african american partner stands in the background behind him.


  1. Choose your own adventure.

As an actor, it’s your job to be curious and to learn about the world and all different types of people. You may be drawn to a service opportunity that has nothing to do with acting. Perhaps you want to volunteer with Habitat for Humanity or go on a service trip to another country. All life experience is good experience.  Be of service to the world in a way that inspires you!

Most of all, have fun!


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