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6 Healthy Habits for Actors

The life of an actor is so active and vibrant!  As an actor, you are stretched and challenged both physically and emotionally.  You are called to be energized, focused and present at your auditions, rehearsals and jobs.  In short, you must be as healthy as possible at all times!  Like athletes, actors must prioritize their health. At 3-2-1- Acting Studios in Los Angeles, we emphasize these 6 healthy habits for actors:

  1. Meditate.

As an actor, your schedule is ever-changing, and you are always on the move.  It’s essential that, in the midst of the hustle and bustle, you maintain a peaceful and positive mind.  We recommend meditating at lease 10 minutes each day at a time that is convenient for you. Lots of people prefer to meditate first thing in the morning or right before bed time. Experiment, and find out what works for you!



If you’ve tried meditation, and it simply doesn’t work for you, you could find another activity that calms your mind, such as walking outside, jogging, cooking, dancing, knitting, etc.  The important thing is that you are able to totally relax and access a peaceful inner stillness.

  1. Exercise.

Actors are like athletes.  Different jobs call for different levels of stamina, and in all cases, being physically fit is important. For example, if you book a Broadway musical, you will be doing eight shows a week, each one full of singing, dancing and complex choreography.  For this, you need to be as strong and flexible as a professional athlete! To pose a different extreme, you may book a film in which you have a significant amount of down time and partake in little physical activity.  In this case, you definitely want to counterbalance your inactivity with exercise so that you have energy on set!  You never know what the next role might call for, so it’s always important to be in strong physical shape.

  1. Sleep.

This may sound simple, but sleep is so important.  According to the National Sleep Foundation, children ages 6-13 should get 9-11 hours of sleep; teens ages 14-17 should get 8-10 hours of sleep; adults 18+ should get 7-9 hours of sleep.

Sleep helps you to have energy, to maintain a healthy body and mind, to reduce stress, and to keep you looking fresh on camera!  Make time for sleep.  Try to sleep at the same time every night.  Consistency is key!

  1. Do yoga.

Yoga is a great activity for actors because it helps with alignment, strength and flexibility. Like meditation, it also calms the mind, which is so important.

Also, yoga helps to warm up the body in a way that is great for your voice!

  1. Warm up your voice

Along with your body, your voice is your instrument. It is important that, as an actor, you are connected to your breath when you speak and that you project sound in a healthy, safe way.  Find a vocal warmup that works for you. This goes for both speaking and singing!  Humming is great for your voice, and so are lip trills and a variety of other exercises. This is a whole separate topic in itself — there are many different approaches to vocal training — so you will want to consult your acting teacher and perhaps look into working with a voice specialist and/or singing teacher.

  1. Eat right.

Again, your physical health is paramount. As much as possible, eat healthy foods that are full of nutrients and make you feel good and energized.  Avoid sugars and processed foods as much as possible.  You want to be running on natural energy and not on sugar highs (that will ultimately cause you to crash).  We know that craft services can be tempting.  We recommend that you always pack healthy snacks, just in case, and bring them with you to set!



Have fun!

Most importantly, have fun creating your new, healthy habits!



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