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How to succeed as an actor: Support your actor friends!

Let’s face it. Often, an acting career can be a very “me”-focused profession. We always think about how to succeed as an actor. We focus on our acting classes, our auditions, our marketing materials and the way in which we interact with the public. These are all very fun and necessary aspects of our careers, BUT one of the best parts of any profession is when you get to see your friends and your loved ones succeed.  You are the average of the 5 people you spend the most time with. That means: if your friends are succeeding, you are succeeding.  So, this year, we suggest you take some time to make your friends look good. How fun and simple is that? At 3-2-1- Acting School in Los Angeles, we suggest 4 ways that you can support your actor friends:



  1. Promote your friends on social media.

Did Sally just book a commercial? Tweet her and congratulate her! Did the trailer for Danny’s feature film just get released? Share it on your Facebook page!

Promoting your friends spreads good will. It helps them, and it also helps you.  If your friends are doing awesome things, that’s a reflection of how awesome you are.  Also, looking outside of yourself to celebrate someone else’s big win is just a nice thing to do.

Also, as you build your social media followings, you want to share varied, engaging content that is not just all about you and your successes.  People want to read and see a diversity of information when they follow you online.  Cultivate your audience by supporting your community!

  1. Refer your friends to your agent or manager

Do you have a friend who is a phenomenal, professional and reliable actor that is looking for a new agent?  Why not help him/her out!  Chances are, someone helped you out when you signed with your agent, so this is a great opportunity to pay it forward! Your friend will be grateful for your assistance, and your agent will be thrilled to have a new and talented actor on the roster!  It’s a total win/win.

  1. Collaborate on independent projects

Have some down time? Have a laptop and access to some equipment or a performance space?  Get together with your friends, and write something.  Host a staged reading of a short play, or produce a short film.  As an actor, you should always be in practice.  And learning how to produce your own work is invaluable.  So get some creative minds together, and create!

  1. Start an accountability group

The freedom and flexibility of an actor’s schedule is definitely a blessing, but many actors crave and need accountability structures. One of the most valuable things you can do to keep your career forward is to hold yourself accountable.  Find a small group of equally motivated, talented and supportive friends, and choose a weekly, bi-weekly or monthly meeting time.  Get together to discuss what is happening in your careers and what you can do moving forward. Working in a group setting is great because you can offer insights to your friends and gain insights about your career at the same time. Also, you have a group of people waiting for you to report back that you did what you said you were going to do!

Focusing out

Generally speaking, focusing out is the way to do when it comes to an actor’s career, or any career. The more you can give and support your community — from a place of pure altruism — the better!  Good things happen to good people who care.  We guarantee that, if you support your friends, you will be supported, too.  As the old saying goes: “what goes around comes around.”

Have fun!



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