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5 Last Minute Christmas Gifts for Actors

In a last minute Christmas shopping bind? Have a special actor in your life to shop for?  Worry not: Here are 5 last minute Christmas gifts for actors that you can purchase online or with a quick phone call!

1. Gift certificate to an acting studio

Chances are, the actor you are shopping for has taken, or is currently enrolled in, classes at an acting studio.  So why not honor him or her with a gift certificate for a special class?  Here at 3-2-1- Acting Studios in Los Angeles, we offer gift certificates for acting classes for kids, teens and young adults.  Trust us: actors are always thrilled by the prospect of free training.  You will see nothing but big smiles when you actor opens up a gift voucher for a free class!



2. Netflix or Hulu subscription

This one is easy.  Actors love TV shows and movies.  If your actor does not have Netflix and Hulu subscriptions, he or she will be so grateful.  Actors are constantly watching shows and films as research and for fun.  Plus, through these digital platforms, busy actors can consume their favorite shows on their own schedules. This gift will be put to great use!

3. Tickets to go see a fantastic play

The quickest way to an actor’s heart…a trip to the theatre!  Theatre tickets are a timeless, special surprise.   Go online to websites like theatermania.com to find out what shows are running in your actor’s city.  Also, you can check out websites like goldstar.com for discounted tickets.  And be sure to read a few reviews before purchasing your tickets!  You want to make sure you are selecting a quality show.  Another option is that you could get a gift certificate to a really nice theatre that is constantly putting up popular shows. Then, your actor can choose a play to go to!

4. A free yoga class 

Actors are always on the move.  They are constantly stretching into new characters and new environments. What better way to support an actor’s active, creative lifestyle than with a free yoga class? A significant number of today’s professional theatre training programs involve a movement, dance and yoga component.  Plus, a yoga class is a great way to get into a clear mental space for the new year.  So check out the yoga studios in your area, and grab a gift certificate!

5. Online acting class

If your actor is living outside of Los Angeles, or traveling a lot for work, an online acting class is a fantastic gift!  At 3-2-1- Acting Studios, we’ve actually produced our own online acting class — right here in Los Angeles with top teacher John Walcutt — and have packaged it into a digital course that can be completed anywhere in the world!

Happy Holidays!

As you wrap up your Christmas shopping, we wish you a very happy holiday season.  Enjoy this special time with friends and family. We will see you in 2016!

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