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The Audition Slate: Tips for Success

Often times, it can be the audition slate — more so than the audition itself — that will book you the role! This is especially true for commercial auditions. We can’t express how important a good audition slate is.

Your slate, in which you state your name, and sometimes your age, is your very first impression on the casting director; it’s your chance to introduce yourself and express who you are as a person. Your slate should convey that you are friendly and easy to work with (which, of course, you are) and highlight your personality!

At 3-2-1- Acting School in Los Angeles, we definitely focus on the importance of slating. We teach our teens and kids specific techniques for winning over the casting directors within the first few seconds of an audition. Here are some tips from Ms. Mae on how to slate for an audition:


The most important aspect of a slate: A big smile! It’s helpful to think of something funny — or a person you really adore or love — right before you begin your slate. Even if you are auditioning for a dramatic role, smile when you introduce yourself. You want to show that you have many facets as an actor, and that you are fun to be around.


Look into the lens of the camera as though you are talking to your very best friend. Pretend you are at a birthday party (or some other exciting occasion), and you are super excited to see your friend. The more you connect with the camera like it is a person that you’ve known for your entire life, the more the casting director will be able to connect with you!


Say your name as though you are Shailene Woodley, and you’ve already booked a blockbuster hit movie. Own your name. Love your name! Treat your name with respect and enthusiasm. Know that your name is beautiful, unique and special — just as you are!


Do some test runs at home on your smart phone. See how you come across on camera. Are you looking directly into the lens? Are you smiling? Would you want to work on a film set with the person you are watching?

Watch footage of your friends and classmates — we do this every week in our acting classes at 3-2-1- Acting School in Los Angeles. Whose audition slate stood out to you, and what did he or she do that won you over?

Lucky for you, we have a video tutorial on how to slate for an audition! Our very own Ms. Mae has brought in one of her top students to do a demonstration. Here it is. Enjoy!

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