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How to Audition like Disney star Ross Lynch!

Did you know up-and-coming Disney stars like Ross Lynch get their starts like most young actors?  They audition, just like you.  How do you audition like Disney star Ross Lynch?  Take a look at this early audition video Ross did when he was 13 years old for commercial spots promoting Disney’s A Christmas Carol, starring Jim Carrey.  When you audition, are you doing the four things Ross does to that help make his a strong audition?

Do you see the four things Ross Lynch does so well with this audition video?

ONE:  Ross slates with confidence!

Ross’s first words are an enthusiastic (and quick) greeting followed by his name and his age.  What’s great about this slate?  Ross projects and speaks clearly, so there’s no doubt who’s on this audition video.  Ross doesn’t mention whether he’s taking acting classes for kids.  However, his confident manner, bold voice and correct slate content (it has all the right elements) show that Ross knows what to do in an audition and lets his confident personality come through.

TWO:  Ross is prepared!

Though Ross delivers three distinct commercial spots (or scripts), he is completely off-book.  It’s possible he’s using cue-cards near the camera operator to help him stay on track, but he appears to have the commercial copy completely memorized.  While his words are definitely scripted, Ross does a good job of making them sound spontaneous, like they’re his own.  It’s almost like he’s telling us this news off the top of his head!  He speaks clearly, looks comfortable, and achieves a very natural-sounding cadence that feels in the moment even.  Whether he worked with an acting coach or on his own, Ross’s delivery is the result of being thoroughly prepared.

Ross Lynch austin and ally

THREE:  Ross tapes himself–with help!

Though this is clearly a “self-taped audition,” the floating hand-held camera style tells us Ross recruited a camera operator to help him.  Most actors these days can expect to record a lot of auditions themselves in addition to attending live auditions.  When you do, follow Ross’s example.  Get someone to be your camera operator, to adjust frame and get a good recording so you can focus on your performance.  Or you might us an audition taping service to help you.  And optimize that recording just like Ross does: wear simple wardrobe with flattering color (Ross just wears a blue T-shirt); use a non-distracting background (in this case, just a blue stucco wall); and record somewhere quiet enough you can be clearly heard.

FOUR:  Ross starts with commercials!

Ross Lynch of Austin and Ally did not start his career as a star on a Disney Channel television series or touring and recording albums with his band R5.  While Ross Lynch may be a teen acting star now, he started his career in entertainment like most child and teen actors do, by auditioning for and working in commercials!

For every episode of television shot, there are dozens of commercials that are cast and made to fill their many act breaks.  Many of those television commercials, industrial commercials, internet promos and public service announcements offer young actors opportunities for their first big on-camera roles.  The shorter running time, simplified audition formats, and quick production schedules of commercial projects make them a more accessible work opportunity for many beginning actors.

There’s one more way you, too, can audition like Disney star Ross Lynch:  keep at it!

The common element of all acting success stories is that successful actors persevere.  They keep training, auditioning and trying for roles, doing their best and always looking for ways to move forward.  You can too!  Learn more about recording and submitting your own self-taped auditions here.  And keep pursuing your acting dreams!

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