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Good Acting Game for Kids!

A good acting game for kids is a great way to help young actors warm up, sharpen their improvisation skills and stretch their range.  A good acting games for kids is fun, easy to play, and something parents can use to help their child actors ace auditions, as well as daily life!  For an engaging, good acting game for kids that’s effective, easy to play and great for all ages, try “It’s How You Say It!”

Though parents usually have to stay out of the audition room, they can help their young actors succeed by making sure they send their children in warmed-up and audition-ready. Frequently practicing typical audition activities keeps young actors relaxed and confident when it counts. That’s why acting classes for kids make such a difference.  Parents can turn their child actor’s down-time into productive fun with a good acting games for kid. Games like “It’s How You Say It” help actors warm up their instrument (themselves) and develop go-to strategies for when casting directors give them a note on the fly or instruct them to say a line differently.

How To Play

“It’s How You Say It” requires players to perform one simple line (like “that’s my green sweater”) to express two different emotions (like anger and excitement). After performing the line once, the audience (mom, dad, other kids in the car, or the whole family at the dinner table) guesses the expressed emotion each time. Performing the same line with two different emotions, and guessing others’ performances, helps younger actors distinguish different feelings using tone, body language, facial expression, etc. Turn-taking and audience participation keeps everyone engaged, tests young performers and rewards them with quick feedback.

Include Friends and Family

Little encourages children more than when friends or the whole family join in an activity they love. “It’s How You Say It” is simple enough to play to be fun for any age or acting level. Your young actor will benefit from the practice, the implicit endorsement, and their ever-improving emotional fluency.

Why This Game Works

A good acting game for kids that encourage children to explicitly identify different emotions and practice their expression does more than just make them better actors. Kids with emotional awareness do better in school and in their personal lives—long term. Studies show that children who accurately recognize emotions and can express them effectively grow up to be healthier, happier, more successful adults (check out this study by the University of Washington). That they become more competitive in the audition room is a wonderful bonus!

Why Acting Games Matter

So much of acting is bringing moments to life—emotional life. Great performances feel true and real. Children’s emotional awareness naturally evolves as they grow. Of course younger actors have a normal, wide range of emotions. However, their ability to identify, express or re-create their emotions accurately, especially on cue, is limited by their experience and developmental stage.

A good acting game for kids can’t replace regular acting classes for kids or steady training.  However, acting schools use games for good reason, and to great effect.  Commercial, television and film Directors who work well with children often use a good acting game for kids, like “It’s How You Say It,” to help child actors access the desired performance. Sometimes lines are rewritten or dropped entirely if a child actor’s performance achieves the right emotional tone. That’s because it’s not so much what you say, but how you say it that matters.

The proof is in the bookings!

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