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3 Ways Kids Acting Warm-up Video

When auditions, callbacks, and productions call, you need to be ready to do your best.  Here are ways to make this 3 Ways Kids Acting Warm-up Video get you or your young actor ready for any audition or performance!  Check it out:

Use this 3 ways kids acting warm-up video any time to get ready for any kind of performance.  Whether you’re headed to an audition, a day on set, or a first day of school, this 3 Ways exercise will get your body, imagination, focus and energy pointed in the right direction for a confident, successful experience, audition and or performance.


FIVE WAYS to make 3 Ways Kids Acting Warm-up video work for you!

  1. Jump-start your young actor’s imagination!

Prompt young actors with the idea of using different emotions to interpret lines that you give them for the purpose of exercise or the lines that are in the audition script. 3 different ways. Ask them to deliver the line with sad emotion or happy, nervous or excited feelings and vocal quality.  When kids try something and succeed, they’ll try again.  If your child actor wants more of a challenge, increase the size or difficulty of the line as they get more warmed-up.

  1. Count and celebrate with your young actor!

Count aloud after each delivery, “One!” “Two!” “Three!  Those are three ways!”  This acknowledgement will not only help keep track of the pace of the game, it serves to celebrate their efforts!  It’s a great way to praise without going overboard and provide benchmarks for their accomplishment.  Besides, kids love cheering, especially when it’s for them.

  1. Include others in the game! 

The best thing about this warm-up is it’s so simple; it can be played anywhere, by anyone and with any one.  It benefits more than just actors to get ideas and blood flowing.  Use this warm-up at the start of school days or play dates to get your young actor ready to interact and confident in their own ideas and choices.

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3 Ways also makes for a great activity with friends, family and siblings.  It’s the kind of spontaneous fun-and-game activity that invites participants of all ages and experience.  As a shout-out game, it’s perfect for younger siblings to join in.  As an exercise in imagination and improvisation, there is plenty of challenge for other adults or older siblings


  1. Ramp it up for teen and tween actors!

Our acting instructors find this warm up exercise effective (and really fun) with actors of all ages across all classes at 3-2-1- Acting school in Los Angeles.  Our youngest child acting students (as young as 4!) find it fun.  For our teen and tween actors, we crank up the challenge by turning it into 5 Ways, and the creativity really gets going!


  1. Empower your child actor for the audition

Try 3 Ways with your child actor while on your way to your next audition and tell your child to use the emotion that the script asks for. Maybe the audition script is a sad scene or a scene where the character gets really surprised. This acting exercise will get your young star ‘skills, imagination, vocals, facial expressions well prepared to complement the appropriate mood of any given scene. Whether your child is auditioning for Disney’s JESSIE or a commercial for APPLE, 3 Ways Acting Warm-up will help.


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