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Commercial Buttons: What to Add to Book Your Commercial Audition!

You’re at an audition.  You know your lines.  You’ve practiced on your own or in your acting class for kids or acting school for teens and young adults.  You’re ready to rock your audition.  Or you just did, and now they tell you to “make it your own.”  Rest easy!  In this free video acting lesson, 3-2-1- Acting school’s own expert acting coach Natasha shows you exactly how to add buttons to commercial auditions and book the job.



So when you’re up, you’re on, and then they tell you to “play with it” or go ahead and “put a button on it,” you know just what to do.  Put a button on what?  Are they looking for script ideas?  Have they run out of copy writers?  What’s the deal?

The deal is personality, specifically yours.  Next to skill, preparation and confidence, what casting directors and audiences really want to see is those things that make you different from anyone else.  Casting directors want to see the “you” that is you.

Think of your favorite moments from television shows, films and commercials.  More often than not it’s as much what the actors did as the way they did it.  And the way to they did it was often by adding uniqueness to that moment, their uniqueness, their personality.

You’re probably already practicing these skills on your own in the mirror.  Maybe you’ve tried out your smile, tried different expressions, winked at your reflection while brushing your teeth.  You can ratchet up these expressive skills with acting classes.  Be sure to find one that’s a good fit for you.  A big part of developing your confidence is finding a safe, comfortable space to tap into it.  Look for classes that are specific to your experience, ability and age.  Great acting classes for children work on the same basic skills adults learn but with language and tools developed to fit their social and emotional development.

The best way to let your unique personality shine through in your performances at auditions and on set is to go in with confidence.  How do you get confidence?   Preparation and practice are great places to start.  Practicing the skills you need on set or in an audition will build your confidence, ease any nerves you might have, and will help you find ways to bring your personality out where it can be noticed, appreciated, and rewarded.  So, add a button to your auditions and get cast!





Hey there!  My name is Natasha, and I am here at 3-2-1- Acting Studios in the beautiful Los Angeles, CA.  And I’m here to give you a quick tip for Top Hollywood Acting Coach dot com.  Today we’re going to talk about “buttons.”  Not the buttons that you have on a sweater but you will use to nail every audition and every scene, really every commercial from here on out. 

A button is what’s used at the end of a piece, whether it’s just your monologue or a scene, and most of the time in commercials, that really ties it up nicely.  Usually they’re not even written in.  Sometimes it’s one that you add yourself.  If someone ever tells you in an audition, or even when you’re actually shooting, to “play with it,” “make it your own,” “have fun with it,” the best way to do that is adding your own button.

What are some examples of some buttons?  Well, here.  We’re going to show you some.  Take a look at some of our students from 3-2-1-.

[TITLE CARD:  Commercial “Button,” Commercial Acting and TV Hosting Class, 3-2-1- Acting Studios]

Boy 1:  I got caught.  I better run for the border.

[Boy 1 adds a commercial BUTTON.  FADE to Boy 2]

Boy 2:  I got caught.  Better run for the border.

[Boy 2 adds a commercial BUTTON.  FADE OUT to Natasha.]

There you have it, some excellent examples of “buttons.”  Now remember, these aren’t just to make you look cool—although, trust me, they will make you look cool—but when a Casting Director or a director or even a writer wants to see your own flare, your own personality, this is a great way to bring it to the table.  It’s also a fantastic way to avoid that awkward moment right before they say “cut” but when the last line’s already been spoken.  For example:

“And that’s why I love soda pop!”  [Long pause.  Natasha looks awkward]

You don’t to be that person, because trust me, they’re still filming and you don’t want that deer in the headlights face.  Add a button!  You will always have the best ending to every audition if you know how to add the—

“That’s why I love soda pop!”  [Natasha adds a commercial button]

That’s it.  It can be that little. 

So you can practice this at home.  The best way to practice, of course, is getting to an acting class wherever you are.  Look up where an acting class is, and go check us out.  Of course, if you’re in the Los Angeles area, come get a free acting class at 3-2-1-. 

You can practice these tips and many others by checking us out at www.tophollywoodactingcoach.com, and like I said before, you can always try it in person here at 3-2-1.

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