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Get Better Grades With Acting Classes

Are your grades teetering?  Do you feel stressed ?  Are class assignments weighing you down?  Is your motivation slipping?  Get better grades with acting classes!

Acting student at 3-2-1- Acting school for kids, teens and young adults in Los Angeles.

Acting classes strengthen the same work habits (cloaked in the fun of acting) that pay off in regular school.  We see it all the time in our classes here at 3-2-1- Acting school for kids, teens and young adults in Los Angeles:  at every age and grade level, students who regularly attend acting classes have better self-confidence, better self-discipline, and an expanded toolbox for challenges in or out of school.  Acting class provide great opportunities to hone academic skills like reading comprehension, listening and memorization; which equals better overall grades!

Acting classes also develop strong social and networking skills.  A lot of the focus of any acting class is reading, interpreting, reacting to, and adjusting social cues.  And for any age this kind of social practice leads directly to better communication skills in any environment.  Acting students find their voices, build the courage to use them, and develop the judgment to control them.  Better communication skills makes for better all-around confidence.  It also tends to help make friendships, which benefits actors and people of any age.

3-2-1- acting classes in Los Angeles provide a positive, nurturing environment where acting students can practice fundamental, essential skills.  Public speaking, eye contact, listening, memorization, time management, teamwork, and patience are all part of acting.  And practicing them regularly help 3-2-1- Acting students feel like they can take on life’s challenges.

Acting coach Frances Welter guides 3-2-1- acting school student through his scene.Because acting on any level requires experimentation (trying stuff out), you can expect to laugh in an acting class.  Laughter is a proven stress reliever.  People who laugh regularly tend to be happier overall and tend toward optimism, which has been linked to better health and longer life (no joke, that’s according to the Mayo Clinic!).  A regular acting class is like a positive emotional work-out that helps keep stress down, health up, and rights your disposition.

For parents concerned their kids will ignore school and become professional actors, take heart.  In most states, minors must obtain an Entertainment Work Permit to become actors, and those permits require good school standing.  Trying to find new ways to motivate your youngsters to apply themselves?  Try an acting career!  Not only will acting class with regular script work improve your child’s literacy, vocabulary, speaking and social skills, acting as a career goal makes a wonderful carrot for getting that homework done.  And the tools that are strengthened with acting classes make doing that homework at all much easier.

TV2 Patrick Breen Taylor Sarmiento

Did I mention acting classes teach critical thinking and problem solving?  A good deal of acting is exploring cause and effect.  Actors are constantly examining and interpreting language and tone.  And even actors just starting out learn psychological analysis that begins with questions like, “what does my character want?” “why?” and “what’s my obstacle in this scene?”

Then there is the great benefit of the “get up and do it” of an acting class.  Because a good acting class is a safe space to try things out, acting students are encouraged and get used to the process of getting themselves up and doing.  Whether that doing is performing a script, studying for a test, or starting a small business (which is what becoming a professional actor is, at any age), actors do.  Acting is action.  Motivated action.  So motivate your child, and get them to an acting class!


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