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Props: How Commercial Actors Hold Their Products

How commercial actors hold their products is a skill and can be as important when auditioning for a commercial as all your other acting skills combined.  In this video acting lesson, Ms. Mae Ross discusses the importance of product handling for commercial actors.  Watch several examples of product handling by some of Ms. Mae’s teen students in acting classes for kids in Los Angeles at her 3-2-1- Acting school.  From toothpaste to sidewalk chalk, commercial actors handle it all.  Take a look:

Hi there!  I’m Ms. Mae Ross from 3-2-1- Acting Studios here in Los Angeles and today our lesson has to do with how does the commercial actor hold their products?  They’re going to make lots of money, and you’re going to make lots of money when you do commercials, and we teach here at 3-2-1- how to hold those products. 

Your acting is very, very important, but holding the product is just as important because when you go to the callback, who’s going to be there?  Coca-Cola people?  If it’s a callback for Coke, they’re going to be there.  The director.  The Ad agency.  And they want to see that the actor is so in love with this product that they can’t wait to hire you.  So holding your product where you really love the product in a real way—a real, natural way—is very, very important. 

And so what you’re going to see next is from our acting class here at 3-2-1- where the kids are holding their products properly.  Let’s watch.

Anika:  “I love frozen yogurt because there’s more than just one delicious flavor to choose from.  That’s why I love fro-yo.”

Nolan:  “I like my teeth clean.  That’s why I choose Crest Complete.”

Lauren:  “Sidewalk chalk is fun, colorful, and can keep you occupied for hours.  That’s why I love sidewalk chalk.”

Michael:  “Nutrigrain Bars.  They’re there for me when I’m in a hurry.  And they taste so good. That’s why I like Nutrigrain Bars.”

Bailey:  “I love Nutrigrain because it’s made with real fruit and whole grains.  It has no high fructose corn syrup.  It’s really healthy, and it’s quick and easy on a busy day. Nutrigrain, the perfect snack.”

All right, we’re back.  And you saw how wonderfully they held their products properly so that we could read it as an audience. 

Remember that your products, as a commercial actor, are your scene partner, whether you have one product in the hand, two products in the hand, what you’re doing is you’re actually relating to that product so that it sells.  We’re selling products.  But you can’t be the actor who sounds like you’re selling products, and you have to handle it in a way that’s very technical.  The director may say, “Put the eggs at two-o’clock.  Put the eggs on the plate at noon.” 


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