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An Actor’s Good Posture Says Confidence: Video Acting Lesson

You have your script, you’ve studied your lines, and you’re ready to slate.  But what is your body saying as you walk into that audition room?  What does your posture communicate about you?  Body language is as important as any words that come out of your mouth.  And in an audition setting, your body speaks first.  In this video acting lesson, Ms. Mae Ross demonstrates how good posture says confidence.  Make sure your posture is saying the right things about you to nail the audition and book the job.


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Hi there.  I’m Ms. Mae Ross, and I’m from 321 Acting Studios, which I own right here in Los Angeles.  And today we’re talking about posture.  And how posture really, really will make a fantastic first impression and will show that a young actor is confident. 

People always say to me, “How do I look and act confident?” 

Posture is one of the first things. 

So, I’m going to invite some of our young adult students here tonight to be demonstrators.  And on our right we have the not so good postures.  So, come on in here.  All right.  So as you can see, they look dejected.  They look unhappy.  And sometimes even just a little bit of bad posture doesn’t look good.  I mean, he doesn’t look completely slumped over, but it’s just not quite good posture.

Now we’re going to have the good posture team come in.

 And watch how they come in.  And actually good posture really does make you smile.  And your mom was right!  Stand up straight!  Remember that?

So, we are going to stand up straight, so you look like you’re ready to face the world.  You’re fearless.  You have lots of confidence.  And you fill up the room with your confidence.  That’s what you want when you walk into an audition room. 

I’d like our actors to slate now, please.  Starting on our right:

Jess:  Hi.  My name is Jess Diep, and I’m over eighteen. 

Patrick:  My name is Patrick Conroy, and I’m over eighteen. 

Emily:  My name is Emily Chapman, and I’m over eighteen. 

Michael:  My name is Michael Paul, and I’m over eighteen.

Yes.  So we have well-postured actors here, which again are going to really give you that best foot forward on your auditions. 

Come take a free class here at 3-2-1-. 

Say “goodnight,” guys.

All:  Good night!  Bye.


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