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Headshot Must-Haves: Video Acting Lesson

What’s the most important thing to know about your headshot?  In today’s acting lesson, acting teacher and owner of 3-2-1- Acting School in Los Angeles teaches kids, teens and young adults what Casting Directors want and what every actor needs to have in a successful, effective headshot.  Mae demonstrates headshot must-haves with two of her young students from her acting school for kids in Los Angeles.

Great, accurate headshots are just one of many tools young and mature actors alike need for auditions and booking jobs.  At 3-2-1- Acting School in Los Angeles, we teach our students of all ages what they need to build their confidence, and their careers.

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Hi there!  I’m Ms. Mae Ross from 3-2-1- Acting Studios in Los Angeles.  And today’s lesson…regarding headshots.

Of course headshots are your business cards, actors.  And you need to have one that looks like you, so that when you walk into a casting session, they look down at the picture, they look up at you, and they say, “yes, this is that person!”  Because this is who they’re calling in, the person in the headshot.

And speaking of calling in, let’s call in one of the twins in this shot.  We have them here today!  Come on in, and tell us who you are.

Clio:  I’m Clio Lindke, and I’m five years old.

Yes!  And let’s get her sister, Nora!  Come on in!

Nora:  I’m Nora Lindke, and I’m five years old.

And as you can see, they look like their picture!  And that’s very important.  So if you have straight hair, don’t make it curly.  If you have curly hair, don’t make it straight for the picture.  And you want a picture nice like this, that says, “hey!  We want to get to know these twins better!”

Hi.  Did you have fun at the photo shoot?

Clio: Yes!

Did you have fun?

Nora:  Yes!

You also want to have a photographer that works well with your age category, too.  So next time stop by, and thanks for coming, all right?  Say goodbye, girls.

Clio & Nora:  Good bye!

Nice headshot!

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