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Video Acting Lesson — Great First Impressions Successful Actors Need

Great first impressions are powerful and memorable.  They are a first component of creating a meaningful personal connection.  Invaluable in any profession, a good first impression is an absolute must-have for actors.  First meetings that could lead to your next big job sometimes last only a few seconds!  In this video acting lesson, Mae Ross, teacher and owner of 3-2-1- Acting Studios in Los Angeles, teaches you how to make great first impressions successful actors need to make a connection and get the job.


Hi there, I’m Ms. Mae Ross from 3-2-1- Acting Studios in Los Angeles.  Welcome!  We’re glad to have you here today.

We’re talking today about firm handshakes, and how a firm handshake can really make you look confident and really look mature and shows that you have confidence.  So when you’re child actor or you guys go into an audition, particularly when you’re meeting an agent, you want to walk in, extend that hand, and show that you can take charge and really be confident. 

We’re going to introduce Clayton.  He’s going to show us how to do a nice handshake.

Clayton:  Hi, my name is Clayton.

Hi.  I’m Ms. Mae.  Nice to meet you.

Clayton:  Nice to meet you, too.

Excellent!  And he didn’t let go until I let go, and I even interrupted him, and he still smiled at me.  That’s a good, good, good thing there.  Let’s show you what a Casting Director sees.  (all right, you want to go back to the wall…)

Clayton:  Hi, I’m Clayton.

Hi, I’m Ms. Mae.  Nice to meet you.

See how confident he looks?  And what a great first impression he’s giving us!

And where did you learn how to do this?

Clayton:  From 3-2-1- Acting Studios!

Of course you did!  Because I taught him!

Come take a free class.  We’d really like to have you here, and thanks for stopping by.  Bye now!

Clayton:  Bye!


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