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Learn To Stand Out With A Personality Slate: Video Acting Lesson

This video from Ms Mae Ross at 3-2-1- Acting School in Los Angeles demonstrates how two actors add personal elements to their actors slate.  With the help of 3-2-1- Acting School students Montserrat Briones and Gilbert Moraga, Ms. Mae discusses and demonstrates what makes an effective personality slate.  Find out how to show off your unique self at any audition by learning to stand out with a personality slate.  Watch:

Hi there.  I’m Ms. Mae Ross from 3-2-1- Acting Studios right here in Los Angeles.  Today’s lesson is about the personality slate. 

The personality slate goes one step farther than the normal actor’s slate, which is where they say their name on camera and sometimes their age and sometimes their agency.  We’re taking that one step farther today and showing you how to bring that personality forward.  Let’s look at some right now:

[Montserrat Briones — sample Personality Slate]

“Hi my name is Montserrat Briones, and I’m eleven years old.  I’m bilingual Spanish.  [continues in Spanish]”

[Gilbert Moraga — sample Personality Slate]

“My name is Gilbert Moraga.  I am over eighteen.  I love to walk my dog, take him out to the beach.  Also, I love to put hot stuff, hot sauce, on lasagna, pizza, chips, you name it, I love it!”

Okay, so, let me tell you where those slates happened.  They happened right here at 3-2-1- Acting Studios in front of top talent agents from Los Angeles, and it’s called their showcase.  And they were introducing themselves to the agents. 

You’ll notice that Montserrat is bilingual, so she definitely wants to show that.  And she smiles right away on camera, so it opens up with her smiling.Now Gilbert really takes it out.  He opens up and lets all the stops out and really talks about himself.  And we really get to see Gilbert’s charisma. 

You can learn how to do this, too.  You can practice at home with your own camera, but come to 3-2-1- and take a free class.

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