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Heat Up Your Cold Reading — Acting Video Lesson

All actors get asked to perform copy “cold,” or with little time to prepare and memorize your lines or the scene.  This video acting lesson discusses how to heat up your cold reading so you can do your best and give a strong performance every time.   Before you head off to your next audition, read on!


Cold reading is a fundamental part of acting and auditioning.  In the fast-paced world of commercial, television, feature film and internet media casting, script and role changes are common.  Even if cold reading wasn’t a part of your audition process, it may well be part of your shooting experience!  And if you are asked to cold read at an audition, there are key skills all actors need to bring out their best work, even on the spot.  Actors who connect and find a good comfort level with new material let their personalities and talent shine.  And they get cast!


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Hi there.  I’m Ms. Mae Ross and I’m here at 3-2-1- Acting Studios, my studio here in Los Angeles. 

And today we have a cold reading lesson.  And we are introducing Taylor Dixon, a young student in our acting classes, and he actually gets to be coached and partnered with Mr. John Walcutt.  He is our acting coach here, and we are so glad to have him. 

Let’s take a look at the scene, and then we will talk more about it.

[Taylor Dixon’s Scene Study work with Master Instructor John Walcutt (off screen)]

Welcome back. Wow, what a scene!  Didn’t look like a cold reading, did it? 

Taylor had about five minutes to work on it, and he really showed how if you connect with the other actor and you listen with all your senses that you’ll be able to get those lines and keep the scene going.  Taylor did have his script up here, where we teach here at 3-2-1-, but he didn’t even look at it once.  So, you can learn to do this, too.  Practice at home, and come take a class here. 

Thank you.

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