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30 Seconds to Success: Video Acting Lesson

Sometimes it only takes some simple acting techniques to take you in 30 seconds to success. In this video acting lesson, Ms. Mae Ross, teacher and owner of 3-2-1- Acting School, teaches kids, teens, and young adults how to center themselves before an audition. This is a quick, effective way to ease your nerves and get focused to deliver your best performance! This breathing exercise is a great way for actors to give themselves that extra edge in the audition room.  3-2-1- students learn more, fun, confidence-building techniques in 3-2-1-‘s acting classes for kids, teens and young adults in Los Angeles.

Hi there.  I’m Ms. Mae Ross and you’re here at Top Hollywood Acting Coach dot com.  We’re really glad you came today.  And today’s lesson is about breathing.  And this is a breathing exercise I learned a long time ago that’s going to help any of you – any age – and you will learn to relax before you walk into that audition room. 

So here’s what you do.  You’re going to think of your torso as an accordion.  And you want to fill up your lungs from this area here.  Okay?  So, if you put your hands on your rib cage, and let’s go ahead and breathe in.  You can breathe in right through the nose if you want.  And expand your rib cage out, and then let it in. 

Where you don’t want to be breathing is up here.  This is where nervous, shallow breathing happens.   So, put your hands on your rib cage, and we want you to breathe in, and then let it out.  Okay? 

Now, here’s the real technique.  What you’re going to do is you’re going to breathe in through your nose.  Four counts.  And you’re going to hold one at the top, the fifth count.  Then you’re going to breathe out through your mouth, eight counts.

Is that eight?  And relax your body as you do that. 

And you’re just going to feel like you can do anything.  And the nice thing about it is it relaxes you but it doesn’t take you out of the game.  Your adrenaline’s already going.  You’re already ready to go.  It just gets you centered.  And again, all ages.  So, we do this a lot at 3-2-1-. 

Come visit us here at 3-2-1- Acting Studios in Los Angeles. 

Bye for now.

I’m Ms. Mae.

Confidence-building and audition techniques are fundamental acting skills taught in all classes offered at 3-2-1- Acting School  Located in north of Los Angeles, 3-2-1- is a premier acting school for children, teens, and young adults.

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