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Commercial Auditions: Tongue Twisters (Video Acting Lesson)

Today’s acting video lesson is about tongue twisters in commercial auditions. Commercial copy can be filled with alliterations, which sound fantastic and fun in a commercial but are very hard to say. The copy can also have tricky phrases that are hard to pronounce. Below are some examples in our acting video lesson.


When you encounter commercial copy that has a phrase that is overwhelming or tricky, it’s best to practice that phrase–either with repeating it, saying it to rhythm, trying different emotions, or using any of the other tools you have in your acting tool box.

However, it doesn’t matter how many times you practice it if your nerves get in the way! When people are nervous at auditions, they just don’t act like themselves. Their mind is somewhere else, so they don’t read the signs placed around the sign in sheet or listen to the instructions given before the audition. They also don’t perform as well as they usually would. Many auditions have been blown because the actor couldn’t get their mouth to say the right words in the right order. As you know, acting isn’t just about the words, but if you can’t talk, it’s hard for the casting director to see if you’re right for the role.

There are a couple ways to overcome your nerves so that you can get through those tongue twisters with ease. The first is to prepare yourself by warming up in the car. Go through the fun warm up activities that we do in class. Doing this will not only warm up your mouth but will make you feel comfortable because it’s part of your normal acting routine when you come to class. My next tip is to get as used to auditioning as possible. You want to feel at ease, still, and focused when you enter the audition room. The best way to get this comfortable is to practice.

In class, we do mock auditions/film each commercial so that you know what’s expected of you and you get comfortable with the auditioning process. We also have you and your parents watch your auditions after every class. This is to help you see how much you’re learning and how much you are growing as an actor. Our goal is to help you be as confident as possible. When you’re confident, there’s no telling what you will do, who you will impress, and what you will accomplish.

Good luck this week with all of your commercial auditions! And to all those showcasers who just signed with agents, we are excited to see you on TV, film, and in print!

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