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Cue Card Orientation: Video Acting Lesson


At a commercial audition, you sign in and review your commercial copy before being summoned into the audition room.  But once you actually get in front of the camera, you should not be holding your copy! Instead, leave your commercial sides next to the sign-in sheet and enter the room with only your personal belongings (if that).  Next to the camera, you will normally see a cue card.  A cue card provides the same lines as your copy does, but in bigger, hand-written letters on a large board.  It’s always a good idea to review the cue card before you stand on your mark to audition.  If you have not had a chance to review the cue card before your slate, it is okay to ask the casting director if you can have a few seconds.  DO review your lines, but DO NOT take longer than a few second! Familiarize yourself with where each line is on the board, in case you forget your lines in the middle of your audition.  But it’s very important to not look like you are reading off the cue card.  Thanks to the cue card, you can swiftly pick up where you left off and most likely make the visual cue look very natural!

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Video Transcription

Hi there. I’m Ms. Mae Ross from 321 Acting Studios in Los Angeles. And today our lesson is cue cards. And this is a cue card. This is to help the actors get their lines and say it back to camera. And when you come in and sign in for a commercial audition, you’re going to get the script out in the reception room in the lobby. And do notice, though, when you come in, you’re not going to be using the script anymore, when you come in to the audition room.

You’re actually going to be reading, using the cue card. Not reading right off it, but you’re going to use this to help you with your audition. Notice here that the four is written out. So you saw the four written out when you were in the lobby. And when you come into the actual audition room, the cue card is next to the camera. And notice it’s an actual number. So you do want to get your eyes glued to the cue card as soon as you walk into the audition room. Let the casting director say “slate,” but in the meantime your eyes are glued. Because you want to get to see how the words are placed differently than you did on your audition script when you first signed in.

And come to class. This is how you get good. You practice over and over again. So come to 321 and you too can learn how to do this.

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