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Acting Warm-Ups for Kids: Video Lesson

In today’s acting lesson, Acting teacher and owner of 3-2-1- Acting Studios shares how to do acting warm-ups for kids in the car before an audition. This is a fun warm up to get your mouth moving! It’s a great acting warm up for kids and adults. 3-2-1- students learn more, fun audition warm ups in class.

Hi there, I’m Miss Mae Ross, and I own 321 Acting Studios here in Los Angeles; and my passion is to make you a more confident person and definitely a more confident actor.

So today let’s do some voice and diction exercises; things that you can actually do on the way to your auditions today. So we do tongue twisters in our classes here at 321, and one of them is this, “The big black bug bit the big black bear.”

So parents, children, teens, and young adults you can do this. So repeat after me: The big black bug bit the big black bear.” Very good. OK, let’s do it again. “The big black bug bit the big black bear.” Be sure that you’re breathing, also that you’re breathing from the diaphragm. So now, we’re going to take it all in one breath. Ready? I’ll do it first. “The big black bug bit the big black bear.” Your turn! Alright! Great!

So that’s one fun exercise you can do on the way to our classes here and those of you that haven’t come to 321 yet, we invite you here to join our fabulous classes and learn how to be a confident young actor.

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