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What is an Audition Monologue?

What is a Monologue? A Monologue is a scene performed by one person. Although a monologue is not done with a scene partner, the actor should have an imaginary scene partner that they deliver the lines too or rather have someone in mind with whom he or she is talking.  Audition monologues should be around one minute long because industry professionals, agents, managers, casting directors and the like really don’t have time for anything longer than that.

Your child actor may be asked to perform a monologue for a client, at a showcase, or for an audition. It’s important for your child to have a couple of great monologues prepared (i.e., one drama and one comedy). A monologue should reflect a particular mood and demonstrate your child’s acting talent and skill.  Each monologue should also fit your child’s acting type and their age.  Based on your child’s monologue, it’s important for casting directors or agents to be able to see what type of acting roles your child would play. It wouldn’t make sense for a 10-year-old girl to have a monologue that was written for a 30-year-old woman.

There are many sites that have famous or well-known monologues, however, it would be more interesting to find something that isn’t so well known but rather is perfect for your child. When my acting students from 3-2-1 Acting Studios, perform in front of top Hollywood agents in Los Angeles, I have already carefully selected the monologue they will perform based on their type. This is why almost all of my students sign with prestigious Talent Agents the first time they perform. And the rest, who don’t give up, sign with agents at our regular Agent “Meet and Greets” where they also perform a short well cast monologue.

I’m sure you now see how important the actor’s audition monologue is!  In this video above, 3-2-1- acting student, Charlie Hardy, performs one of her monologues.  She completed our 3-2-1- Lift Off! Acting Career and Showcase Program and is being sought by talent agents.

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