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How to do a Twist Turn on the Runway: Video Modeling Lesson

Knowing how to do a twist turn on the runway is a great skill to have.  Whether walking the runway for an independent designer, a local department store, or Fashion Week in New York, working the catwalk is every runway model’s job—and opportunity!  On that seemingly simple route down the aisle and back, experienced runway models know to optimize key moments in their walk to keep eyes, and cameras, focused on them.  One way is the twist turn.  See how to do it here:

One rather big moment is at the end of the runway.  In only a few seconds runway models must stop, pose, hold for attitude, purpose, drama (and hopefully in-focus photos for their portfolios from the photographers covering the show), then begin their return—all while maintaining the illusion of naturally fluid, effortless and spontaneous motion.

In that time to shine at the end of the catwalk, it can be easy to get caught up in the moment and speed through those few seconds before walking back.  To help manage your pace and adrenaline, some models talk it through in their heads, counting just 3-5 seconds as a reminder to establish a pose before transitioning or returning.

The twist-turn (shown here), is a wonderful technique to develop your pace and remember to establish your poses before you launch back into your model walk.  The twist-turn has several built-in pause points where a pose or look can be easily, and naturally inserted.  The twist-turn offers all the framework you need to maximize that spotlight moment at the end of the runway.  Because of the fluid motion of the move, if you’re tasked with getting down and back quickly because the show is running behind schedule, the twist-turn can be executed quickly, so even a brisk walk can seems unhurried with a proper finish and finesse.

Watch the twist-turn here and practice at home.  The twist-turn is a great technique for reversing your walk while showing the outfit, keeping pace with the show, and giving photographers time to snap a handful of in-focus images of you.  Keep count if you find that helpful or talk the turn through in your head.  The more you practice and master these techniques, the more your confidence will shine, which will help you book shows.  Small or large, the best way to become comfortable with the many aspects of being on the runway is to be on the runway.  For more modeling lessons, click here.

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