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How to Turn Your Head on the Runway: A Video Modeling Lesson

Female models exaggerate their femininity; they sway their hips back and forth on the runway for a sexier strut. Their posture is erect in a relaxed (not stiff) kind of way. And, as the video above will demonstrate, their heads move gracefully with their bodies. Watch how the model turns her head as the last part of her body turns to leave and the first part to come around again. For more modeling lessons, click here.

A multitude of my students have had great success with modeling– print and runway. Even young models can learn how to execute the right walk, rythym  and movements. In fact, one of my 4 year-old students, Carson Pak, had an audition for a modeling job.  So I took Carson aside and showed him how to walk down the runway and pose like a boy model. Carson had a great time learning and just this past week Carson booked a TV Commercial for MATTEL’s ELMO doll! Congrats, Carson!

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Video Transcription

HI, this is May Ross from Top Hollywood Acting Coach dot com. Welcome back if your coming back and welcome if this is your first time. We are doing modeling videos today and we are showing head and hand movements. Here is what not to do in run way. Models you don’t want to have your head stiff like that when your doing your turns. So those are the two half turns. Even when your doing a full turn you don’t want to have your head all stiff. You know you want to look fluid and lovely and graceful so the cloths sell. And here is Mercia doing head and hand movements.
See how she moves her head nicely. Great and you to can learn more modeling techniques here at three two one acting studios dot com. So come and see us. Thank you.

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