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What does “Crashing an Audition” mean?

Signing in at 321ActingSchool- Acting classes 4 Kids/Teens/Young Adults

Signing in at 321ActingSchool- Acting classes 4 Kids/Teens/Young Adults

Ever heard anyone tell you that they “crashed” an audition? What is crashing an audition? Do you want to crash an audition? Crashing an audition is a like crashing a party. You are NOT invited! So when an actor goes to a casting office for one audition and subtly signs in for another audition as well he is “crashing” the audition.  By doing this, some actors think that it will give them an advantage: a shot at landing another commercial. But it actually gives the actor an even bigger disadvantage.

There are only so many casting offices in Hollywood and your agency will have the know-how to submit to big projects (whether tv, film or commercials).  But for non-represented actors, crashing an audition can be more tempting, because they aren’t sure how to get in for the bigger roles.  But regardless of whether or not you have an agent, you will frustrate a lot of casting directors, because they have already made their casting schedule for the day.  They will even be more frustrated if you’re not right for the role and are thus wasting even more of their time. An audition is already hectic enough for most casting directors without you trying to add to their schedule. If you want to be respectable and professional, don’t crash auditions. It’s simply not worth it. Don’t be known to casting agencies as an audition crasher.

You can also help casting directors by stopping other parents from crashing your or your child’s auditions. If you or your child has an audition, don’t tell other showbiz parents/friends about the specifics of the audition, like who the audition is for and where and when the audition takes place. Otherwise, those parents and friends might use this information to go and crash an audition.

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