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What is an Infomercial? (SAG, AFTRA)

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What is an informercial exactly? Just like it’s name—infomercial—it’s a very informative commercial that can span the length of an entire television show.  You might spot an infomercial when the television says “the following is paid programing…”  Infomercials are shot in a talk show format and are used to sell products.

The product’s features are highlighted, the product is shown off and tested, and viewers can call in to purchase the product. For example, the Magic Bullet is sold through infomercials.  All of the features are

highlighted in a breakfast setting with friends while one of the ladies shows how to use it.

Infomercials might not seem like they are for child actors, but there are dozens of infomercials that need children and teens. For example, if children’s clothing is being sold, they will want children modeling the clothing. Also, if toys are being sold, a child will usually be shown playing with it and talking about it’s features or how fun the toy is. Children are also on infomercials for cooking products, exercise equipment, like trampolines, and electronics.

Infomercials are done with SAG-AFTRA contacts.  More information on rates for union actors in infomercials can be found here.

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