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What is an Industrial Commercial? (video example)

An industrial commercial or industrial film are videos that targets an “industry” or business audience. More specifically, industrial films are for non-broadcast use only, human resources training films, army and military films, manufacturing films, educational films, and so forth. Industrial videos are “sponsored” productions that prioritize clarity and pragmatism. Here’s an example of an industrial video:

You might be thinking, “why should I learn what an industrial film is? I’m not an industry employee.” Actually, actors of all ages perform in industrial commercials and industrial films all the time.  In fact, some of the other students in your acting classes for kids may have even been cast in them, though you wouldn’t have seen their work because industrial commercials and industrial films are not for public broadcast.


Industrial Commercials & Videos Book Child Actors

Yes, child actors work in industrial videos! Toy companies like Mattel create industrial commercials to demonstrate products for national and international retailers. Many of our young students’ first paid acting jobs after training at our acting school for kids in Los Angeles are industrial or in-house productions.


What are Industrial Commercials For?

The purpose of industrial videos varies depending on the client. Marketing videos, like the Mattel example, are for communicating the value of services or products to gross market buyers or clients. Some industrial videos are simply intended to explain how to assemble, care for or use a product. Others may be focused on expressing the merits of a cause or company in order to attract donors or investors. Large corporations use in-house videos to communicate internal policies, vision, promote efficiency, or to simply raise morale.


Are Industrial Videos “Real” Actor Work?

In short, absolutely! Because they are less expensive to make, industrial videos have all but replaced industrial “films,” though the terms are often used interchangeably. However, industrial videos go through the same basic stages of development, pre-production, production, post-production and distribution as major feature films, if on a reduced scale. For actors, the experience of being cast and performing in an industrial video is also quite similar to other commercial, television and film productions.

Sometimes industrial video producers hire “technical writers” to translate difficult technical information from “subject matter experts” into scripts more easily understood by a more general audience. Actors cast in productions like this often work with industrial “jargon.”  Like commercial tongue twisters or dialogue from any theatrical script, jargon must practice until the words sound spontaneous and natural.


Industrial Videos on the Rise

How industrial videos are distributed is also tied to their target audience and purpose. Training videos may be included with the product, so buyers learn to use it most effectively. Marketing videos may be sent to potential clients directly to get them to buy, donate, invest or endorse a product or service. Both kinds of videos may be designed for exhibition and shown at an event or trade fair.

With digital tools lowering the overall costs of filming and of high quality video production, use of industrial videos of all kinds are increasing. Almost all of these videos require actors, voice actors and on-camera spokespeople or hosts, which is means work and good news for production crew and on-camera performers.


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