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How to Turn at the End of the Fashion Runway

Like many young girls I dreamed of becoming a fashion model, but it was in the 7th grade that I thought I might really get to be one. Why? Well for one thing, I was 5′ 7″ tall and weighed  105 lbs. and I loved clothes! I would spend hours putting together outfits and viewed each day as an opportunity to “show-off” my personal sense of style.  Speaking of “showing off,” this is exactly what a model does when she is strutting down the catwalk. In this modeling video lesson, our 2 models Marissa and Lauren are demonstrating  how to perform the “T” turn at the end of the fashion runway so they can turn around and return to where they began. For more video modeling lessons, click here.

321 CTA 12

 Video Transcription

Mae Ross here from Tophollywoodactingcoach.com, and we’re continuing on with our modeling today, with Lauren and Marissa. And we’re going to show you how you return, how you do that turn at the end of the runway.  Okay,  here we go girls.  And walking. Good. Scissoring the legs, as we said before. And we’re going to do a little spread. Spread. Then we’re going to do a T-turn. And stop. Okay? So come visit us at 321actingstudios.com, and your children, teens, and young adults can learn how to look and act like a model. Bye now.

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