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Five Tips for Cold Reading at Television Auditions

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So, you and your child are at home one evening getting ready for dinner when your agent calls and tells you that your son or daughter has landed a big audition tomorrow– for a TV pilot! Woo-hoo! After giving you the time and location, your agent tells you that the sides will be available when you guys arrive at the casting office, but not beforehand. Your child will not be able to look over the material and prepare in advance. This is what’s called a “cold read.” While cold readings have a tendency to make some actors nervous, your child can knock it out of the park if they keep a few simple pointers in mind.

  1. Make sure to arrive at the casting office early to allow your child to get comfortable with the sides.
  2. Talk about the scene and make sure they understand what’s happening, who all the characters are, and what they’re trying to do in the scene. You don’t have to get too fancy, just establish a basic understanding of what’s going on.
  3.  Watch to see if your child is listening and reacting. Remember acting is reacting!
  4.  Remind them to trust their preparation. Your child practices cold reading in every TV 2 Scene Study Class at 3-2-1 Acting School. Your child already knows how to find beats, quickly analyze a character, get comfortable with the script, and so forth. If they’re doing what they’re learning, their cold reading will stand out! Plus, they should feel very comfortable because their audition is just like class.
  5.  Most importantly, have fun! Smile, and let your child know that it’s time to have fun! After all, your child will be doing what s/he loves– acting!

There’s no need to be afraid of cold reading auditions! You can do it!

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