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How to Treat Crew Members


As I’ve mentioned before, it is very important for Child Actors to have good manners— at home, school AND on set. The way your child behaves at an audition or on set will affect her future job opportunities. Casting Directors will remember your child if he acted out at an audition, criticized the script, or the other person doing the cold reading. Even if your child is working on set and makes a remark in confidence to another actor about the Director, script, or crew member, the remark will probably come back to hurt your child. And this isn’t what you want! Your Child Actor should be remembered for the wonderful, kind, amazing girl or boy that s/he is!

Yes! Your child should be remembered for her absolute best behavior. So please remind your child to always, always, treat the crew with kindness and respect. Everyone is working very hard under stressful circumstances. They are trained and competent, and your child should trust their work just as they trust your child to do a great job. Your child should remember to hold back any remarks, suggestions, or criticisms if your child wasn’t asked to comment. (And of course, you will too when you’re standing by on set!)

To be polite, your Child just needs to remember what you’ve taught them: to be friendly, grateful, and kind. When passing crew members, your Child should smile and be polite while staying out of their way, so the crew can get their jobs done. Your Child should thank crew members when they help him or her. And when making a request, your child should say “please.”

I teach good manners at my studio because they work! After my students Showcase and land a top Talent Agent, they already know how to treat crew members. That’s why they keep booking jobs! Please come to my acting school in Los Angeles for kids and teens for a free class, so you can see for yourself.

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