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Need a Children’s Headshot Photographer? Here’s help.


Your headshot is your first impression and the actor’s business card! Choosing the right children’s headshot photographer for your child can make the difference between getting an audition and an agent or months of nothing. It’s the first thing that casting directors see when you are submitted for a role, and if it doesn’t captivate the viewer for whatever reason, it will be passed over as casting directors scan the thumbnails of headshots.

A good photographer will know exactly how to work with your children to help them bring the best of their personality to the camera lens. Experienced child photographers will help your child be at ease with the camera and really look into it. However, if you coach your child before a shoot, your child’s smile may appear phony. It’s better to tell your child to have a good time and let the photographer do the coaching!

If you are looking for a good photographer for your child’s headshots, you will want to select one that is highly recommended for children. You want someone who has solid experience working with children. You can Google and read reviews of different photographers. I found one of the very best photographers online by just searching. I was so impressed with his video and his website I hired him to do my photos.  Another factor you should take into consideration is if you like the photographer. I encourage you to meet with the photographer and see a sample of their work. If you don’t like them or their work, it will be harder to work with the photographer and get the stellar shots you want! However, if it isn’t possible to meet with the photographer before hand, look at their pictures online, call them and speak to them, ask questions. This will help you with your decision.

There are many fabulous photographers that will make you feel comfortable and also have fantastic portfolios. My Showcase students are advised to have their headshots taken by a couple of professional Top Hollywood photographers that I have been working with for years.  Their pictures turn out excellent and many of my students who use these photographers start booking jobs right away. Their headshots represent them as young, fresh, clean, healthy looking kids whose images captivate the viewer just like the one of Lauren posted here.

Choosing the right photographer for your child’s headshots is very important to booking jobs and getting an agent. The last thing you want to hear when you sign with an agent is that they want you to get new headshots because your old one’s just don’t work. You don’t want to pay twice for headshots. Remember to find referrals, sample the photographer’s work, and meet with the photographer! This will make all the difference.

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