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Can Shy Children Act? Break the Shell of Shyness!

3-2-1- Acting School in Los Angeles

3-2-1- Acting Students. “Bring a Friend to Class Day”

I’ve worked with hundreds of children that struggle with shyness.  The parents explain similar stories– My daughter is very shy and hasn’t wanted to do any extra activities at school…. My son is very smart and works hard at school… But once they see a play or perform in a school assembly, they suddenly show an interest in acting.  While the families want to encourage the interests of their child, they wonder whether or not their shy children are right for acting.  They don’t want their child to “fail.” Understandable!

The truth is, one of the surest ways to help a child tackle shyness is to enroll them in acting classes. In my 25 years of teaching, I’ve never encountered a child whose self-esteem and communication skills didn’t improve in my classroom. Acting exercises can bring even the most committed wallflower out of their shell. (If they’ve got cold feet in the beginning, have them bring a friend along!)

Of course, as with anything else, they’ll have to give it a fair shot to start experiencing the positive effects: I say, have them come attend their first class as regularly as possible.  Then, you should have all the information you’ll need to decide whether or not to invest in a future class or examine other interests. If your child is able to stick with their classes, I assure you that they will grow and mature tremendously in ways you never thought possible. It’s one of the few gifts you can give them that will truly benefit both their present and their future.

When making this decision, keep in mind that acting is one of the few hobbies your child can enjoy that could actually make that investment back in the future. But even if your child doesn’t want to be an actor when he or she grows up, taking acting classes will teach them skills that will benefit them throughout their life; skills like concentration, listening, teamwork, and presenting themselves with confidence. It will also give them a safe space to strengthen their creativity and imagination, which can turn into a great capacity for problem-solving later in life. They’ll learn how to relate to others with ease and work collaboratively in groups of their peers!

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