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How to Slate for the Camera– Your First Impression

In this video my students at 3-2-1- Acting Studios demonstrate how to slate for the camera. At every on-camera audition, an actor must identify himself by saying his first and last name to the camera. This is called a slate. Sounds easy enough. But hold on… in those few words you must impress the Casting Director, the Director, Producer and the Clients to give you the chance to continue to prove yourself worthy of the job. Or else they will hit fast forward to the next actor. Oh no! Oh yes…

Here is the scenario: You have made it to an audition! Great. You enter the audition room and you stand on the “mark,” which is about 6-8 feet from the video camera. Then the casting director (CD) asks you to “Slate Please.” This is when you introduce yourself to the camera by stating your name and sometimes your age (minors only).

The actor’s slate is extremely important, because it is the first time anyone who is involved in hiring you gets to hear your voice and experience your personality. By simply slating your name and age you are making your first impression. So be sure it is good one! 

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Video Transcription

Hi there, tophollywoodactingcoach.com, it’s Miss Mae and thank you for coming back. We are doing slates today we’re going to show you a not so good slate and a good slate.

This time we have some teens and here we go. Let’s do, not so good slate.

Ian Johnson: Um hello, um, my name is Ian Johnson and I’m 13 years old.

Miss Mae: Okay this is Ian again and now he’s doing a really good slate to the camera and go.

Ian Johnson: Hello, my name is Ian Johnson and I’m thirteen years old.

Miss Mae: So we want you to notice just how focused he is with the camera and Ian does audition all the time and next we have beautiful Mary Alexis and she’s going to do a not so good slate and then a good slate.

Mary Alexis Daniels: Hi, I’m Mary Alex Daniels and I’m thirteen years old.

Miss Mae: Okay, this is going to be a good slate like, “I want to get to know you better”, slate and three, two, one, slate, please.

Mary Alex Daniels: Hi, I’m Mary Alex Daniels and I’m thirteen years old.

Miss Mae: Good and you too can come here for [inaudible] free to an acting studio in Los Angeles. It’s where it all happens. Come back and see us. Bye now.

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