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How to Enter the Runway: A Video Modeling Lesson

If you’ve ever wondered how models enter the runway in a fashion show, the video above will be of great help. Fashion show styles vary greatly– In a high-fashion top designer show, many times the runway models do not smile. They saunter seriously down the catwalk. In department store fashion shows the runway models usually smile and appear to be having more fun.

Here Marissa is demonstrating the more friendly style of runway modeling, where she actually looks at the audience and smiles. Audience appeal is an important technique to include in your runway style, because when the audience feels you are recognizing them, they feel part of the show. By feeling “part of the show,” the audience will see themselves in the fashions you are wearing and will be more apt to buy. And selling clothes is what modeling is all about. Not just looking glamorous.  For more video modeling lessons, click here.

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Video Transcription

Hi there. Miss Mae from tophollywoodactingcoach.com. Welcome back. We’re glad you’re here. We are doing modeling today. We’re continuing on with entrances, very important. Here’s what not to do when you’re entering the runway.

Kind of looking down, not confident. Now our model Marissa today is going to show you how to enter the runway. Here we go. Take it away, Marissa. Great. You too can learn these techniques right here at 321actingstudios.com in Los Angeles. Come back and see us.

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