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How to Model 1/2 Turns on the Runway: Video Modeling Lesson

Models, designers want to sell their fantastic fashions to their audience immediately after the show. So how are you going to best “show off” the outfits from top to bottom and back to front? Here is one way: during your walk down the runway, do 1/2 turns. In this video, my 3-2-1- Acting Studio’s trained models Marissa Vela and Lauren Vong demonstrate the way to do 1/2 turns. This way, the audience gets to see the outfits in more detail.  For more video modeling lessons, click here.

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Video Transcription

Hi. Miss Mae here from Tophollywoodactingcoach.com. We have Lauren and Marissa back modeling today. They’re going to show you two half turns on the runway. Here we go girls. Three, two, one and go. They walk down scissoring, and they’re going to do a half turn. There’s one. There’s two, and don’t they look beautiful? And we’re so excited to you have you back here, visiting us again. Please come back again, and you too can be modeling and working in Hollywood, and in magazines. We do work with modeling agents here at Three Two One.

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