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Modeling for Kids: Walking the Runway

Modeling for kids can be difficult, but these darling girls in theChildren’s Acting for TV/Film and Modeling class at 3-2-1- Acting Studios in Los Angeles learned this runway modeling routine in just ten minutes! Are they walking a bit too fast? Yes. Are they still cute… YES! What did they do right in the routine? Let’s dissect it–

1. Self-confidence! They learn to feel comfortable in their own skin, thus gaining self acceptance. Regardless of shape or size, it is important that they will be accepting of themselves no matter what! You’ll notice the most engaging girls have a smile on their face– that shows their confidence!  To learn how to boost your confidence at an audition, click here.

2. Turn-outs! I love their footwork at the end of the “runway.”

3. Arms! A runway walk isn’t just about legs– it’s also about arms! The arms rest nicely on the popped hip, created more lines.

I also love how all the girls are about the same age and height! Adorable line.  Just think how amazing they will look after more practice and rehearsal! Way to go, girls!

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