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How to Slate with Confidence: A Video Acting Lesson

Do you know how to slate? Correctly? You should if you’re auditioning! The importance of the Actor’s Slate cannot be underestimated. This is where you introduce yourself to the camera, by speaking your name (first and last) and sometimes your age. Talk about needing to make a great first impression!

This video shows a not so good slate and a great slate. Notice how actress Julia expresses confidence, a natural easy smile and eyes which penetrate through the lens into the minds of the viewers. This is how to express to impress! It is not just speaking to a camera, it is talking to all the Showbiz industry people who will watch your Actor’s Slate. So you must slate with confidence and bring your postive, winning personality forward. At 3-2-1- Acting Studios, in my acting school for children, teens and young adults, we practice slating EVERY class.

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