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How to do the Model Stance: A Video Modeling Lesson

A Model’s job is to SELL clothes. Yes you get to look glamorous, but it is a job. There are certain body positions (poses) which make you and the clothes look great. If the clothes look fantastic and you model them well, they will sell! And the designers will be happy!  One such pose is called the basic “Model Stance.” This “stance” makes you look tall, thin, and allows the fashions you are wearing to be the focus. Here we have 3-2-1-Acting Studio’s trained models, Marissa Vela and Lauren Vong demonstrating the Model’s stance.

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Video Transcription

Miss Mae: Hi there. Miss Mae here on behalf of Tophollywoodactingcoach.com. I’m here to teach you a little modeling technique. So today we have Lauren and Marissa, my beautiful models here, also acting studios, and they are in their model stance. Model stance is a very important way to stand. Models need to stand like this. The clothes look good. They look good. You look thinner. It’s a win win situation. We do teach modeling here at 321 Acting Studios for child, teens and young adults. Come see us and, you too, can learn to look like a model. 

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