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How Often do Child Actors Have to Re-shoot Headshots?

Kids grow up fast.  Within a year, their height, weight, hair length (or color) and teeth can change.  So how often to child actors have to re-shoot headshots?  It depends on the measure of changes.  3-2-1- Acting School student, Rebecca Lynne, is a great example.  Within six months, her hair was longer and her face aged just enough to have her play a little older  (See Below).  One of the biggest complaints I hear from Casting Directors (CD) is the actor who shows up and doesn’t look like their headshot photo.  So if your child has lost teeth, gotten braces, “more than a trim” haircut or has grown taller or wider, it might be time to re-shoot.  Some kids grow and change faster than others. Keep in mind your child’s pictures are their business cards and must represent them accurately.

Sample Actor's Headshot from 3-2-1- Acting Studios in Los Angeles

Rebecca Lynne

Sample Actor's Headshot from 3-2-1- Acting School in Los Angeles

Rebecca Lynne










Another reason to have new photos taken is that your current pictures are not getting your child auditions. Look carefully at your photos to be sure your child has great eye contact with us the viewer. Does she look young, fresh, clean, healthy and does she radiate a warm believable smile? Note Rebecca Lynne’s headshots have it all!  Get the objective opinion of others. Many times new photos “perk up” a child’s career. Don’t be afraid to spend money if your current pictures are not moving your child ahead.  I advise asking your agent what look they would like to have for your child.  That way, you can have a wardrobe that matches that look.

I hope your headshot re-shoot is a success!

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