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Has your Child Already Met the Next Big Director? And blown it?!

3-2-1- Acting school for children in Los Angeles with commercial director

Ms. Mae with TV Commerical Director

Has your child already met the next big director, and blown it?

Not if they study at 3-2-1 Acting Studio!


Here in Los Angeles, you never know what the future holds in the film industry. That assistant CD who’s out there checking off names at a Hollywood audition today could be the head of Fox tomorrow!  In the city of stars, everyone is chasing their dreams!


Any assistant or crew member that your child works with could be the next director big director!  Today they could be helping on a commercial, feature film, or television show, and the next, directing them!  Your children need to know that even though they might be the main talent, they still need to remember their manners! Constantly teaching and reminding your children to have good manners will pay off. Honestly! Crew remember polite talent and want to work with them again and again.  Who doesn’t want to be around nice talented people?


At my acting school for children in Los Angeles, we always positively reinforce good manners.  We expect our students to be just as polite in class as they would be on set.  All of the teachers at my studio are great examples and help the kids to practice being polite. This is one of the many reasons my students stand out, land such good agents, and continue to book job after job. Come see for yourself why we are rated one of the top acting schools for kids, teens, and young adults by starting with a free class at 3-2-1 Talent Showcase in L.A.


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Your top Hollywood Acting Coach for kids,


Ms. Mae Ross

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