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How to Enter the Audition Room: Getting it Right

First Impressions are EVERYTHING in Showbiz. Your child must appear CONFIDENT the minute they walk into the building of an audition. Don’t wait until you get into the camera room. How can your child look confident?

Show Confidence:

  1. Good Posture.
  2. Smiling.
  3. Opening the door for YOUR mom! (if old enough).
  4. Wears a bright BLUE color. Most people get cast wearing the color blue.
  5. Treating Parents NICELY. You would be surprised how many kids mistreat their parents in front of others. Big No.. no!

Good Lobby Behavior:

  1.  Knows the Audition process.
  2.  Goes immediately to the sign in sheet. Signs in.
  3. Promptly gets to work on the Script.
  4. Fills out the Casting size sheet.
  5. Gets his Casting Frontier Card out and ready.
  6. Keeps their voice down in consideration of the Casting Session which is going on!
  7. Sits relatively still and doesn’t run around.
  8. Listens carefully to hear their name being called.

3-2-1- Acting School Master Student, Talia Housik, demonstrates the wrong and correct way to enter the audition room. Watch…

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