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Deal with Rejection: You Child Actor Will Back on Their Feet

Girl looking rejectedQ: How do I help my child/tween deal with rejection when an audition doesn’t go the way she wants?

A: The key here is to remember that your child will never take the rejection as hard as you take it, parents.  Kids will get over the rejection if you don’t hold their rejection over their heads. So if you don’t make too much of it, neither will they. Frame each audition as an opportunity to have fun, do what they love, and meet some new people– then they’ll learn to see auditioning as a valuable experience in itself, instead of as a nerve-wracking, high-stakes job interview.

Your child will not get most of the jobs that they audition for, but that’s no reason to be discouraged. This is how it works for every actor who’s just starting out; let your child know that all of the big Hollywood stars they look up to went through the exact same period in their careers. The reason they rose to the top of the pack wasn’t because they booked every single job they every went out for… far from it! It was because they didn’t give up. They learned how to stop worrying about the outcome in an audition and just concentrate on giving a performance they could feel good about.  Normalizing the rejection will help you child pick themselves back up off of their feet.

If your child experiences feelings of frustration after not landing a role, address them openly. Let them tell you how they feel, and listen carefully to what they have to say. Then it’s your job to remind them that they’re doing great. They’re unique, they’re talented, and they did their best, which takes guts! Then, let them know that there will be a next time. Rest assured, parents: There’s always a next time in Hollywood.

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