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Poor Grades? What Does That Mean for Your Child’s Career?

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In the entertainment industry, children must be able to read, write, and perform all academic skills at least at ‘grade level’ to legally work. What does this mean for you if your child has poor grades?  Perhaps their reading or writing is below average.  Maybe it’s math or science.  Don’t worry! They should not give up on their dreams! In fact, the dreams of becoming an actor will actually help her improve their grades, which will allow them to work as an actor in Hollywood.

How so? For children whose critical skills like concentration, discipline, listening, and following directions don’t come so easily, acting training will help instill these skills, leading your child to a brighter future both in the classroom and in his or her chosen career. By needing to read, listen, and follow directions during their acting classes, your child will also see the necessity of these skills and be able to practice them outside of the traditional classroom setting.

At 3-2-1 Acting Studios in Los Angeles, we are always happy to help your child read his lines or help her if she’s having difficulty. We foster a positive learning environment, which encourages children at whatever reading level to stay positive and move forward. We want them to accomplish their goals! By investing in acting lessons, your child will get the extra push or motivation she needs to improve her grades.

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