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What does “Back to One” mean?


Returning “Back to One” on “The Walking Dead”

What does “Back to One” mean?  After a film take,the 1st Assistant Director will instruct actors and extras “back to one,” meaning, back to the original location of the top (beginning) of the scene.

Upon going back to one, cast and crew will hear the 1st A.D. say “Rolling” and “Speed.” Then, upon hearing the word “Background,” the extras will start their action.  They’ll continue to move as instructed until the director or 1st A.D. yells, “Cut!”

Back to One!” starts the cycle all over again. While it’s easy to understand, actors may be required to return back to one many times.

Many times Extras get upgraded to a Principal role and are given a Screen Actor’s Guild (SAG/AFTRA) contract right on the set! And once you’re a contracted principal, you get residuals (money) each time the show airs. “Cha-Ching! ”

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Photo: Zombie movie extras being directed in “The Walking Dead.” Credit: www.thecount.com

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