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Did your Audition Lobby Behavior Cost You (or Your Child Actor) the Job?

3-2-1- Acting Student practices signing in for a Hollywood Audition

3-2-1- Acting Student practices signing in for a Hollywood Audition

Casting directors work closely with their assistants who are normally running an audition session.  After you sign in the audition lobby, children (and parents) should remain quiet and focused. It’s always helpful to review lines or mentally prepare for audition.  If you or your child is already confident with the audition material, it is acceptable to read a book or play games on a smart phone or tablet– just make sure the sound if OFF.  If the sound is on, it is disrespectful and distracting to the other actors in the room. You want to leave a positive impression with the assistant, because they can tell the casting director whether or not your child actor was behaving themselves or not.  You will be remembered for your reception room behavior, and you never know who is watching! Outbreaks or snide remarks in the reception room have cost actors jobs, especially because directors want to work with child actors who get along with others. They don’t want any drama on set that will slow down production or anyone talking back to them!  Treat the audition lobby (and room) like you are on-set.  For more information on acting manners, click here.

At 3-2-1- Acting Studios, we our students  learn in their acting classes to treat each other with respect, which is vital for doing well at auditions and working in Hollywood.  Once your child secures  talent agency representation through our talent showcase program and starts auditioning, this behavior will translate to their auditions and, good news parents, in their everyday life, too.  Continue to encourage your child to be polite and gracious with the other showbiz families you two encounter in the reception room at auditions, even if their generosity is not returned.

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